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A Wonderful Damage

Cam Damage doesn’t hate cams, they are her extended arm in the work she does. First of all, she is a brunette who has hazel eyes and a cheerful smile. She is tall and has a svelte body. Her tits are small and they have a size of 32A, while her ass has an awesome shape. Her tattoos are an integral part of what she really is; a free-spirited human being. She has full sleeves on both arms, on the upper chest, between the breasts and on the center of the abdomen, a script ’Duende sin temo’ (goblin without fear) on the lower abdomen and a couple more. Her septum and nipples are pierced. Cam was born on June 18, 1990, in San Diego. Her father was in the Navy, so the whole family was moving across the United States. She lives with her husband in Seattle now. The idea of modeling and acting exists in her head since she was a child, but she was never allowed to pursue it. Her parents guided her on things she wasn’t interested in too much. Cam was good at school and college. She graduated in cultural anthropology. Cam worked office jobs but also as a waitress and delivery driver. She discovered Tumblr and she was fascinated by what people do and make. She realized that her dreams can come true. 

Rope Art

Cam is an intelligent, artistically inclined and definitely a woman with a specific view of art and sex. Sometimes, she seems extremely weird but that is her; open-minded in aesthetics, artistically free and sexually deviant. She made the very first step to the adult entertainment industry as a webcam model in 2012. Cam was looking for herself and her place in the modeling world and she became a member of the new breed of Traveling Internet Models. She was traveling across the country completely naked or half-naked and when she reached the desired destination, she would make artistic photos. Over time she profiled herself in a direction that matched with her sexuality and artistic strives. Today, Cam is a photographer, content creator and model with a huge experience in shooting, producing, editing, directing and performing. Her world is BDSM world. She described herself as an agony enthusiast and she based her whole work on Shibari and Kinbaku, the ancient Japanese art of bondage tying. The difference between Shibari and Kinbaku is that while Shibari is the art of bondage tying, Kinbaku is the use of this art in a sexual direction.  Today, BDSM practices have been known to take their roots in Kinbaku. Cam is full of scars from doing extreme rope bondage. She started solidifying her aesthetic in the porn industry in 2018. An indispensable part of her art is her husband, Ten Against. They have made dozens of videos, which are available on her Only Fans profile. One of her first scenes she made with Owen Gray. She filmed three scenes for the Kink studio, and the famous Pope appeared in one of those. Cam and Ten filmed four scenes in which also appeared famous Casey Calvert. ‘Homesick’ is a short confessional movie where the spouses shared their story and intimacy in four different scenes. Famous Casey Calvert also appeared in the movie in solo actions. The movie has been filmed for XConfessions studio and it is also Casey’s directorial debut work for the studio. Cam introduced all her work on her official website. She is so passionate about creating emotions, sensations and reactions that elicit the same at the audience. 

Off the Rope  

Cam was a part of the cast in the horror movie ‘Extremity’ in 2018, where her role was the death. Otherwise, Cam is a great fan of horror movies, but her top-choice are true crime movies. She participated several times with her works on the HUMP festival that gathers people from the whole world. She likes long walks with her dogs, watching TV and reading. Her favorite band is Nine Inch Nails. She is not picky when it comes to food, but she used to eat delicious food because her husband is a chef.  TheLord

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