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Judith M. Aronson is a retired actress and entrepreneur who was born on June 7, 1964, in Los Angeles, California, United States. She is most known for her work in many television programs and productions, including “Pursuit of Happiness,” “Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter,” and “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” from the 1980s.

What is the Net Worth of Judie Aronson?

Judie Aronson’s net worth is believed to be over $800,000 as of mid-2020, owing to a successful acting career that spanned more than three decades before she retired in 2006.

In 2016, she made a cameo in an independent short film, although she had no plans to return to acting full-time. She has also amassed fortune as a result of her business ventures.

Early Life and Career Beginnings:

Judie grew up in Los Angeles, and like many other children who grew up near Hollywood, she dreamed of pursuing a career in acting when she was a child. When she was in her late teens, she began chasing professional jobs, which led to her appearing in a few guest parts on television. “Simon & Simon” and “The Powers of Matthew Star” were two of her first ventures.

She made her feature film debut in the 1984 picture “Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter,” in which she played Samantha.

The film is the fourth installment in the “Friday the 13th” film franchise, and it picks up after the events of the third film, in which Jason Voorhees was allegedly murdered. He comes back to life and starts on another killing spree in Crystal Lake. The film was supposed to be the final installment in the series, but its success led to a sequel the following year.

Rise to Fame:

Aronson’s performance in “Friday the 13th” opened many more doors for her, and she was cast as Hilly in the film “Weird Science” within a year. Anthony Michael Hall appeared in the picture, which was based on the same-named comic book published in the 1950s.

It portrays the narrative of two geeks who use a computer to try to build the perfect dream woman, with certain elements influenced by “Frankenstein.” Although the film garnered negative reviews, it was a box office triumph, comparable to her previous feature.

She promptly signed on for another role in “American Ninja,” a martial arts film starring Michael Dudikoff that launched the “American Ninja” franchise and is now regarded a cult classic. She subsequently turned her attention to television, appearing in episodes of “Full House,” “Mr. Belvedere,” and “Dads.” She had her first regular television appearance in 1987 in “Pursuit of Happiness,” a sitcom about a history professor who relocates to a small college in Philadelphia.

The show lasted one season before being terminated owing to low ratings.

Continued Acting Work:

Judie continued acting after the end of “Pursuit of Happiness,” and she became a regular on television with guest appearances on “Charles in Charge,” “Growing Pains,” and “Life Goes On.” During the span of “Beverly Hills, 90210,” she made infrequent appearances as Shelly. The show is the first in the “Beverly Hills, 90210” franchise, and it tells the narrative of a group of friends growing up in the posh community of Beverly Hills from high school to adulthood.

She also had a supporting role in “After Midnight,” a romantic comedy film starring Hank Azaria and Woody Harrelson, before “Cool Blue,” a romantic comedy film starring Hank Azaria and Woody Harrelson in which she had a supporting role. She generally did independent projects in cinema work throughout the later portion of her career, as evidenced in “The Sleeping Car” and “Desert Kickboxer.” She next worked on Laura Kirk’s film “Lisa Picard Is Famous,” which aired during the Cannes Film Festival and followed the life of a documentary filmmaker as he followed the life of aspiring actress Lisa Picard.

Last Projects, Retirement, and Brief Return:

Aronson did more television work in her latter years as an actress, mostly in guest parts, as seen in “Roc,” “High Tide,” and “Simon.” She took on much fewer projects and even took long absences before returning to acting in modest roles. “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” and “Las Vegas” are two of her most recent television efforts.

“Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” starring Val Kilmer and Robert Downy, Jr. and based in part on the novel “Bodies Are Where You Find Them,” was her most recent major cinematic endeavor.

The picture premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and went on to receive favorable reviews in theaters. It was also a box office triumph, grossing roughly $15 million. She became dormant after this job, and while she made no pronouncements, it was presumed that she had retired due to a lack of substantial or consistent assignments that could allow her maintain her lifestyle.

Meanwhile, she ventured into the realm of business, opening an oddities shop in Los Angeles. She later pursued her passion for fitness by opening a Pilates studio in the region.

She briefly returned to acting in 2016, starring in the short film “The Secret of 40,” before fading back into obscurity.

Personal Life:

Little is known about Judie’s romantic relationships. She had ties with Grant Show in the mid-’80s, Kyle Secor in the early ’90s, George Stephanopoulos at the turn of the century, and Jon Lindstrom (2006); however, there has been no news of any associations since then. Even during her acting career, she was not a particularly prominent person and rarely associated with the media. She also has no accounts on any of the main social media platforms.

Quick Facts:

Net Worth:$800 Thousand
Date of Birth:Jun 7, 1964 (57 years old)
Height:5 ft 4 in (1.65 m)
Nationality:United States of America

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